101 - Have faith in your talent with Julie Geller

Hello and welcome to the The Spark & The Art creativity podcast. Thank you for subscribing to our weekly podcast, where we alternate between interviews with creative folks from all different career levels and insight and inspiration episodes. All with the intention you’ll get what you need to get your creative projects started and, more importantly, finished.

I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with singer songwriter Julie Geller. Julie has been writing and performing songs pretty much since someone showed her a few chords on a piano as a kid and now with the support of her followers on Patreon puts out a song with a video every month. This is her job, but like many of our guests, we talk about how having monetary support from within her marriage is invaluable. She also tells the story of having a song get the wrong kind of attention and having to take it down for period of time because she felt unsafe.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy today’s chat with Julie Geller. 

I’m not too keen on the idea of adding sponsors to the show at this point but I think being able to cover the cost of hosting the podcast would be a fun thing. Especially since all my hosting services are in US dollars and the Canadian dollar has dipped over the last year so now everything is about 20% more expensive than it was a couple years ago. I’m considering creating a Patreon page for the show and was wondering what kind of things you would enjoy as a supporter reward. Skype calls, doodles I made, My CD or kids’ book pictures my kids draw Pictures I draw that are so terrible I’ll tell you that my kids drew them? If you could get me on twitter @sparkartpodcast and let me know what kinda swag you think would be keen I’d really appreciate it. 


That’s it for this week. Thanks for listening and remember: you won’t get the art without the work and you won’t do the work without the spark. 


- Links for this episode -

Julie’s site - http://www.juliegeller.com/

Julie’s Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/juliegeller

Hey Girl - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0AFwYg604k

Raise Your Hand - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wEGCYNiT5Y

We’ve Got Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qdZZ6-pt3s