108 - Achievement. Acclaim. Almighty Dollar

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I’m your host Tucker and this week we're gonna talk about the three reasons to do anything. Achievement, Acclaim and the Almighty Dollar. 

In our last episode we talked with comics artist Scott Kowalchuk. In the talk he talks about things he's learned from working with others on projects and from working with publishers for his comics. He says he is aiming to be more tactical in choosing projects and has a three piece filter he screens his projects through. 

The three things are: 

Will it fulfill him creatively? Will the increase his standing in his professional community? Will it offer adequate monetary compensation for the time it will take to complete? 

Or as I've labelled them so they'll fit in a podcast headline: Achievement, Acclaim and the Almighty Dollar. 

Most of the projects I do are for Achievement and Acclaim. The fact that I put out a weekly podcast or self published a kids book and music EP give me a standing in the creative community as someone who not only comes up with ideas but follows through (mostly) and to a level of quality. And when I'm done I'm proud I have finished and can share it with people. I can still see where I could have done better but I know I will do better on the next one. But the fact is that most of my projects barley break even and some have simply cost me money. That's why I'm a creative/ideas guy not a serial entrepreneur  or business owner. 

My day job though is for Acclaim and the Almighty Dollar. I make a salary and my work has allowed me a minor amount of standing within the UX/Design community in my city and within my company. There are moments of Achievement but not nearly to the level I feel when I complete a project of my own. 

I've listened to a lot of interviews with famous actors and film makers over the years and one thing that often comes up is the idea of doing work in small independent movies because they believe in the project. They still get paid because their time and talents are valuable but it's usually a union scale salary rather than a movie star salary. And often they are so small they don't have the promotion budget required to get the film seen by as many people as they'd like. So they kind of disappear. These stars are doing these projects for Achievement. And then whether they are doing it for Acclaim or the Almighty dollar is for them to know, I guess. A comedian could do a small dramatic role to show that they could do the same in larger films. That's Acclaim. Or they could do the role so they can pay off their boat. The  Almighty Dollar. 

Scott Kowalchuk said he's looking for projects and publishers that will allow him to hit all three and that is a spectacular goal. I'm pretty sure that's the ultimate goal; that's what everyone is looking for. 

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