109 - Dancing, Teaching & Doodling with Michelle Johnson

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I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with dancer, teacher and bloom doodler Michelle Johnson. 

We talk through how dance has been part of her life since pretty much the beginning and the importance teaching has played in her life. We also talk about how she used drawing to help her through a difficult time while recuperating from a difficult surgery. And how through that drawing and sharing of her images with her friends it lead to her creating and self-publishing a colouring book. Even though, as she says, there are lots of similar books out there she could have used that as an excuse to not follow through with her project, prahject, project she went the other way and used it as a reason to complete it. And with the reception she’s been getting it’s a fantastic thing that she did finish the book. 

So here is today’s chat with Michelle Johnson. 

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