115 - Many talents can be your talent with Lorraine Harley

Hello and welcome to the The Spark & The Art creativity podcast. Thank you for subscribing to our weekly podcast, where we alternate between interviews with creative folks from all different career levels and insight and inspiration episodes. All with the intention you’ll get what you need to get your creative projects started and, more importantly, finished.

I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with … my wife. Lorraine Harley. 

Lorraine has been active in arts and other creative pursuits for her whole life but she says it’s only recently that she’s really recognizing her talents for what they are. We talk about how her ‘jack-of-all-trades’ approach to creative work is an asset because she has a lot of fun with many different types of projects and mediums.

We talk about how she’s always done her creative work for herself to enjoy or as gifts for others to enjoy but she’s considering ways to perhaps use her talents to create products she could sell. 

We talk about a few of her projects but what we don’t talk about are the murals she did with her mom for our daughter’s rooms. Or the Mural of the dragon that she did in her bedroom she grew up in. Or the face-painting or the cake decorating … she puts her creativity into everything she does in her life and with our family and that is more valuable than any money she could sell any of her projects for. 

Also, there is a couple spots where there is an audio interference they are short and not too intrusive. Sorry, I just won’t keep my cell phone so close to the recorder next time. 

Lastly, Lorraine doesn’t have an online portfolio so I’ve put up some photos of the projects we talk about in the episode at the show notes page and you can find that at TheSparkAndTheArt.com/115

So go check those out and you can browse them while you enjoy my conversation with my wife, Lorraine Harley

Do you know someone who is a Jack-of-all-trades but doesn’t quite feel comfortable with the fact that they don’t have a specialty? I’d hope you’d send them this episode so maybe they’ll learn that knowing about many things can be just as much an asset as deep knowledge in one thing. The easiest way to share it is to send the short url TheSparkAndTheArt.com/115 - it fits perfectly in a Facebook status field. The hardest way is to carve a transcription of the episode into a series of jack-o-lanterns and line the sidewalk in front of your house and hope your friend reads it as they come trick-or-treating. 

I should have saved that one for an episode closer to halloween but it’s what came out tonight so there it is. 

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Thanks for listening and remember: you won’t get the art without the work and you won’t do the work without the spark. 


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