121 - Year of pure potential with Ash Thorp

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I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with Ash Thorp. Ash is a motion designer, illustrator, artist, and creative director and has worked on films like Ender’s Game and Total Recall and X-Men: First Class. 

In today’s talk we go through how Ash moved from his long list of non-design related jobs to working directly with directors on some of the biggest summer blockbusters. 

We also talk about the importance personal projects play in helping him keep both his skills and his sanity. Most importantly though we talk about how he finishes his projects. Choose. Commit. Complete. (Those are my words put on his concept but I think it works.) Choose a project and a due date. Commit to that project and due date. Complete the work in the time you’ve given yourself. Because as Ash says “No project is ever done. It’s just due." 

We talk about his teaching website LearnSquared his soon to be released short film LostBoy which has been in the works for about 2 years and his recently released short film None which he completed with a partner in two weeks. 

We also talk about the challenges and rewards to having his wife partner with him to run his production company ALT. 

Love, admiration, generosity and hardwork come out in today’s talk with Ash Thorp. 

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None (short film) - http://www.ashthorp.com/none

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