125 - Art & Engineering with Jean-Michel Gires


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I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with  Jean-Michel

Jean-Michel has a line of silk scarves, leggings and now kimonos printed with abstract designs made from his photography. This is his most recent artistic project. He has had exhibitions of his photography as well as published art books.

That sounds like a pretty accomplished photographer/designer. What’s intriguing about this though is that it is a part-time pursuit. Jean-Michel’s career was actually as an engineer in the oil & gas industry who moved into the CEO position. 

So how does a CEO from an oil & gas company get into photography? Well, I know because I asked him in our interview. You won’t know because the memory card in my recorder got filled up and we missed about 10 minutes or so of the interview before I noticed and connected the mic directly to the laptop to continue. 

During that segment he talked about how he came to work photography into his life as a from of creative expression and a desire to share the world he was seeing as he was travelling. He enjoyed painting but it didn’t lend itself to the busy travelling lifestyle he lead as an executive.  Digital photography came about at just the right time and it allowed him to expand his skills quickly because he didn’t have to take notes about his camera settings or get film developed etc...

Of course he said it all in a wonderful Parisian accent and used a much better vocabulary than I just described it all in. So, sorry about that. 

Also, he’s since left the oil & gas sector and now runs a company focusing on innovation in the energy industry as a whole. He’s seen creativity, art and Innovation from all sides and will tell you very plainly that they are all the same thing. 

He will also tell you that the world is one big family and full of wonder and beauty. 

So, ignore the weird gap in the middle because I’m sure you’ll enjoy today's chat with Jean-Michel. 

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