133 - Owning your own job and Making your own art with David Andrew Wiebe again

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I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with, musician entrepreneur and writer, David Andrew Wiebe. 

David was a guest way back in the beginning of the podcast in TheSparkAndTheArt.com/16.  In that episode David was just coming back to music, after being away for several years, and playing a few gigs here and there. Now he’s playing out several times a month supporting a couple bands and now starting to put his own music in the forefront again and releasing a few singles he’s written performed and produced himself. Plus playing live as under his own name rather than as part of someone else’s band. 

We talk about the differences between the different bands and his own music and how each one rewards him in different ways. 

We also talk about his other job as a writer. David writes to help support other content creators by researching and writing articles for them. But he also has his own MusicEntrepreneurHQ.com to write content for and his accompanying podcast to write for. Plus he has another podcast he creates with a partner and several book projects on the go. 

David is very busy but we talk about how he handles that workload and some things he does to help keep overwhelm at bay. He also mentions that the workload he has may actually be at his limit for what he can personally handle and will need to find ways to expand things for himself. One of the things he mentions is systematizing of some of his processes and we don’t get into it but I’m sure if you are interested David wouldn’t mind at all if you asked him about it on twitter @davidawiebe. 

Stick around after the doot doot doot doot doot to hear David’s song City Lights and if you like it you can find it on iTunes and CDBaby. 

I’m sure you’ll enjoy today’s talk with David Andrew Wiebe. 

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