135 - Getting there is only half the journey with Jackie Koehler

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I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with animator Jackie Koehler. Jackie was a guest on the show a couple years ago as she had just finished up as lead animator on the film Book of Life. Her goal through everything she’s done was to one day work at Disney. Well, she made it and now we talk about if she feels like she’s ‘Made it’. 

We also talk about the importance of learning the skill of taking feedback and critiques. Also, once you get feedback and suggestions you need the skill of filtering all those ideas into the best ones for your work.

There is also a nice chat about the importance of loving the practice of your work. Not just the results. You can’t just want to be good at something. You can’t just want to practice. You have to enjoy the practice.

I'm sure you’ll enjoy today’s chat with animator Jackie Koehler

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Do you know someone who’s a little shy about actually fulfilling a dream? About finally reaching a goal? Do they seem to be finding reasons not to do things in order to keep from getting to they say they want to go? 

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