147 - Yoga and Art with Jerusha Francisco

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I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with Jerusha Francisco. I’ve known Jerusha for quite a few years now since she took over ownership of the yoga studio I visit mostly weekly. This last six months has been a bit spotty for some reason but I still consider myself a regular yoga attendee. I’m obviously feeling a little guilty about my attendance lately otherwise I wouldn’t have felt the need to justify myself right then. Anyway Jerusha is awesome and so is this conversation. 

The conversation starts at her entrepreneurial leanings to her rediscovering her love of painting. How singing fits into her life and her philosophy on how she deals with what other people think of her. And the difference between a listening ear, coaching, and advice.

I’m taking away the piece on how to reframe my concerns about what others think of either me or my actions. My biggest struggle isn’t always finding the time to do something it’s when my brain justifies the reasons I shouldn’t do something based on what I think others might think. Thanks Jerusha. 

I’m sure you will also get something out of today’s talk with Jerusha Francisco.

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Thanks for being patient with late and missing episodes. But you’ll be pleased to know that I have found a job. It was a bit quicker than I was expecting. I had told myself and my family that it would take a minimum of 3 months. I start in 9 days so the next episode will be the last one from unemployed Tucker. It’ll be somewhat businessy again as a wrap up what I talked about in the last ‘just Tucker’ episode. 

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Thanks for listening and remember: you won’t get the art without the work and you won’t do the work without the spark. 

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