18 – Made In Vietnam - A documentary film with Thi Vo

This week’s episode is an interview with Thi Vo. Thi is a film maker, actor, graphic designer and Wipeout contestant (he made it across the red balls) We didn’t talk about his Wipeout appearance on the podcast but you can find a link to the episode in the show notes at TheSparkAndTheArt.com/18. He has finished a short film about family violence and is in the process of editing his feature documentary Made In Vietnam. It’s a film that documents Thi's journey to find the birth father he never met because he and his mother escaped communist Vietnam when he wasn’t even two years old.

We talk how he came to decide to make a feature length documentary while still working full time as a visual designer. We talk about raising budget through crowd funding and government grants. The importance of collaboration in filmmaking and end with a quick chat about the design of his favourite car. 

I think my favourite quote from this talk is “I believe life is about experiences. If you can’t experience new things what’s the point?” Some may hear this quote and think bungie jumping or skydiving. While those are some pretty fun experiences I think what he was saying was try anything. Try making your movie. Try writing your book. Try that thing you want to do because at the very least you’ll know if you want to do it again. 


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