37 – The more you do something the better you get

The more you do something the better you get.

The more you do something the better you get.

At the end of my block there is a little playground with all the usual things: slides and swings and animals on springs. (That was an accident, I promise this episode isn't a poem) it also has a little climbing wall that's not even as tall as I am. When my daughter was in her early fives she'd try to climb it and would get to certain point and ask for help. I'd give her a little push and tell her that I'm glad she keeps trying because the more you do something the better you get. One day she got to the normal spot where she'd ask for help, reached by herself and made it to the top. "Good job" I said "you climbed the whole way all by your self!" And she said "Yes father because as you taught me, the more I do something the better I get" okay maybe it was more like "more I do better I get" but felt the other way added more weight to the story. 

The point is later, when she tried something she could quite do before, she said something like "Just like the climbing wall. More I do the better I get." 

My daughter now knows at six what some people never learn. 

Scott Kurtz has learned this though. Scott is an independent cartoonist who supports his family with his successful online comic PvP. His Twitter handle is @pvponline and his Twitter bio simply reads "Draw every day" that's it. How do you become a good cartoonist? draw everyday. 

I was at my parent's house and a family friend was over and he started playing the guitar. He is an incredibly accomplished musician and multi instrumentalist and when he was done I said "How do I learn to play guitar like that?" He just kind of sighed like he couldn't believe he had to tell me "Just play guitar everyday." 

Whatever it is you are trying to do just keep doing it. You know it doesn't have to every day as long as when you are doing your thing it's a focused and concerted effort. Just do that one thing. Because The More You Do Something the Better You Get. 

Here where you get to do some thinking

  • Have you been doing something for a while and not seen the results you hope for? 
  • Is there something you can change up in your routine to add a bit more challenge? 
  • Is there a coach or mentor you could work with to help you figure out your next steps?


  • Did you ever not do too well at something and say "I didn't really want to do that anyway"?
  • Do you still think about it?
  • What would happen if you tried again now that you understand that The More You Do Something The Better You Get?

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Thanks for listening and remember you won't get the art without the work and you won't do the work without the spark.