41 – Your Current Future

Your Current Future

Your Current Future

Imagine you go to the movie theatre to see a movie. You have your favourite treats maybe it's popcorn and Milk Duds. You’re settling in before the show starts, you turn off your phone swap some Milk Duds for some Smarties with the person you came with. You get all the answers right to the trivia questions and the lights come down. The trailers finish and the opening credits roll for the main feature. The movie starts with a scene of you leaving the theatre you’re sitting in right now and the next 90 minutes is the story of your life from that point on. Is this a movie you are going to enjoy or a movie you will be bored with? 

The only thing that is certain and that you can bet on, even more certain than either death or taxes, is that the future is going to happen no matter what. The future is going to happen. No. Matter. What. 

What is that future for you? With how often you work on your projects will you have a satisfying ending to your film? Or will it just fade to black at some point with the credits rolling? Really imagine this future. What will you have in your hand in one year? A first draft? A finished painting? A completed book? The 20 songs you will whittle down into an album? No seriously. What is your current future? In five years will you still be where you are right now? Do you actually put enough time and effort towards your projects to get them done or do just enjoy tinkering and working away? Either way is fine but you really need to know what it is you are doing all this for otherwise you risk regret down the line. 

Normally at this point I’d say 'this is where you get to do some thinking' but this episode is chock full of questions for you to answer and think on. This time I’d like you to do an exercise. I want you to write the synopsis for the for the movie you started watching at the beginning of the episode. Write at the top of a page My Current Future. Include plot points about what the character had to do make the changes they needed to improve themselves to make sure they got done what needed to be done. Who helped them and did they have to leave anyone behind. Did they find their mentor? Their Yoda or their Morpheus? Where did they find them? This is a hero’s journey and you are the uncertain but capable hero who wins the day. If it’s easier just start with the short description you would read in Netflix or the back of a Blu-Ray box. 

After you do the exercise what you do with it is up to you. You can delete it or tear it up. You can share it with people or keep it to yourself. You can read it often to keep you on track and apply new plot points as you go. You could even seal it in an envelope, put a future date on it and not open it until then. In fact if you seal it in a self addressed envelope and send it to me I’ll mail it back to you in three years so you can see how the film is stacking up.

Your future is yours to write. Now you just get to decide if your current future is more of what you already have or if you will throw in some plot twists and challenges for the hero to overcome. 

Do you know someone you might like to do this exercise with? Send them this episode and maybe you can swap envelopes with them. The easiest way to share this episode is by sending them the url TheSparkAndTheArt.com/41

If you’d like to trust me with your envelope or you feel like sharing sharing your synopsis with me you can get me on twitter @SH_tucker. Some brave soul is going to read it to me as a message at my toll-free number 1 877 966 4886 and I can’t wait to hear it.