42 – Rock ‘n’ Roll, Comedy and Native Advertising Models with Matt Ruby

"What's the thing you can make that no one else can make?" - Matt Ruby, Comedian

"What's the thing you can make that no one else can make?" - Matt Ruby, Comedian

Today’s episode is an interview with Matt Ruby. Matt is a stand-up comedian who has a successful series on the web at Vooza.com.  It’s a sketch comedy show lampooning the tech/startup/business world and I think it’s very funny because I work in a corporate sector of the technology world at my day job. You won’t need to be part of that world to enjoy today’s episode though as Matt and I talk about his starting in a band in the early 2000s and getting his start in stand-up comedy and how that all lead to his current project Vooza and then his latest project taking shots at the club scene. 

One point that stands out for me is the concept of the audience being a collaborator for the comedian not just a passive receiver for the comedy being given. I’m going to try and work that into my own work for sure. 

I sure you will enjoy today’s chat with Matt Ruby. 

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