48 – The Dancer & The Mind Reader with Stephanie and Mark Toland

"It may be brutally hard but it's possible to be a full-time artist." - Mark Toland, Mind Reader

"It may be brutally hard but it's possible to be a full-time artist." - Mark Toland, Mind Reader

Mark and Stephanie are a husband and wife creative team who have started a The Starving Artists Blog and Podcast. They have a plan, they know who they want to help and they have an idea of how to get there. Along with this new endeavour (at the time of the interview the whole thing is less than two months old) Mark performs across the US as a professional mind reader. Stephanie is a professional dancer and choreographer who has recently taken up photography, for both business and pleasure, she is also attending grad school taking Arts Management. This is a couple who are making a career in the arts work. I don’t see anything but success for these two.

In our chat today we talk about the importance of their partnership how the challenges they’ve gone through to get to where they are now and how they plan to move into the future.

There is a great part where Stephanie is talking about dancing and she can’t put it into words because it’s such a part of her she can’t explain it. It reminded me of once when I saw a performance of jazz artist Diana Krall. While she was doing her between song banter she would stop mid sentence and say “it was kind of like …” and then play a little refrain on the piano because music was such a part of her that when she couldn’t think of the words she’d just play the emotion instead. 

I’m sure you’ll find more than a little bit of encouragement from today’s talk with Stephanie and Mark Toland.

Did you find today’s chat encouraging because it’s possible to make a living in the arts? Or did you find it discouraging because of the amount of work it takes? I’d love to hear what you thought get me on twitter @sh_tucker if you have a question you can leave me a voicemail message on my toll-free number 1 877 966 4886 (today I got an impression of a monkey and an impression of a duck on that number so remember you can do that too if you like. I haven’t gotten a cow yet so you could try that) 

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