50 – A fulfilling career through helping others build robots with DJ Sures of EZ-Robot

If I said ‘Picture someone who makes robots’ what comes to mind? Someone who’s worked with NASA? Now picture a professional bobsledder? Now picture someone who races cars and mountain bikes. All you have to do is picture DJ Sures because he’s done all of those things. Currently he’s building a company that allows others to build robots.

It’s not necessary but you may want to visit ez-robot.com and watch the video on the homepage to learn about what the company does before you listen to this episode. If you want I’ll wait for you (Hum a bit) I think I did this already and decided it would be easier if you just pressed pause and then came back.

In this episode we talk about how most of his careers DJ felt like, while he was accomplishing things, it all just amounted to him doing something. Where once he had the ability to assist others in creating something of their own is when he really knew he had a path to follow. 

Then we get all starry eyed for what the future could hold and how robots could be part of it as well as EZ-Robot’s role in sponsoring the education system in Ghana. 

So, here it is, todays talk with DJ Sures 

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