54 - Guitar Hero, User Experience and Music - Combining passions with Davidicus

"When you do something good and important, it tends to be divisive." - Davidicus UX Designer, Musician

"When you do something good and important, it tends to be divisive." - Davidicus UX Designer, Musician

This week’s episode is an interview with Davidicus. Davidicus is a UX designer (UX is user experience) and since that is what I also do for a living we have an interesting chat about that. I met Davidicus at a user experience conference in San Fransisco a few years back because a mutual friend Chad said we’d probably get along. Chad was right. 

Like most user experience designers Davidicus kind of wound up in the role and he tell about his interesting path to get there. We talk about his heavy involvement in the design and experience of the interface for the video game Guitar Hero (not Rock Band as I learn very quickly at the beginning of the interview).  

Davidicus is also a musician and we talk about how time has influenced his view towards making music. His song You Really Like Me was included in an expansion pack for Guitar Hero and during the interview I ask if I could play the song at the end of the podcast. He jokingly said that no one should seek out his music. I disagree I think it’s a great song and music is for sharing. So after we hung up for the podcast I asked him again and he agreed. So, after the podcast if you enjoyed the raucous heavy guitars and dramatics of his industrial fever dream of fame and fortune you should go tell him on twitter. You can find him on twitter https://twitter.com/xicus

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