56 - Orchestral video game music with Maxime Goulet

This week on The Spark & The Art creativity podcast we speak with composer Maxime Goulet. 

Maxime is a classical music composer from Montreal who has had pieces performed by orchestras across Canada. One of the many pieces we talk about is Symphonic Chocolate, a piece of music where each movement is tied to a piece of chocolate the listener enjoys while the music plays. The smooth and relaxing piece ties with a caramel and the bright refreshing piece pairs with the mint chocolate. We talk about where he gets his ideas and the importance of thinking beyond just the music. 

We also talk about his work in the video game industry composing music for games like The Amazing Spider-Man and Brothers In Arms. We talk about the differences between composing a piece that tells the story on its own, like a symphonic piece, and music that supports another story, like the video game music. 

All the pieces we talk about in the episode can be found at his website MaximeGoulet.com and you'll find a link to his site and all the other things mentioned at the shownotes page at TheSparkAndTheArt.com/56

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