64 - Learning to take a compliment with Tanya Ryan

"Making it as a [yoga] studio owner is just as difficult as trying to make it in the music industry."  - Tanya Ryan Musician, Yoga Instructor

"Making it as a [yoga] studio owner is just as difficult as trying to make it in the music industry."  - Tanya Ryan Musician, Yoga Instructor

Hello and welcome to The Spark & The Art creativity podcast. The weekly podcast where we alternate between interviews with creative people from all different levels of their career (and many different disciplines) and insight and inspiration episodes designed to give you what you need to either get a project started or finished. 

I’m your host, Tucker and this is episode 64. This week is an interview with Tanya Ryan.

Tanya is a yoga instructor and country musician. Today we talk about the challenges of balancing the thing you do and business of the thing you do, why learning to take a compliment is to important and the art of creating a live music set. 

We had some technical issues because the heating fan in the Yoga studio was on. It shuts down about 5 minutes in and it must have been getting to me a little bit because I make an audible sigh when it shuts off. I didn’t want to kill you with the previous 15 minutes of chit chat as we waited for the fan to turn off but some of what we were talking about in that time guides the rest so hopefully it’s not to overwhelming for you. 

We also talk about how to get a song on the radio, she says she can show me how and we never talk about it again in the interview. I asked her later and she said the best way was to visit rdrmusic.com and they have lots of services that can help. The most recent song she put to radio here in Canada is called Simple As That and she was kind enough to let me put it at the end of the podcast. So stick around till the end and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the song and I’m sure you’ll also enjoy today’s chat with Tanya Ryan. 

Do you know a yoga instructor who is trying to make it in country music? I bet they’d love this episode. But the chances of you knowing one are pretty slim I’m sure. So, if anything in today’s chat made you think of someone you know please share it with them. The easiest way to share is to send them the url TheSparkAndTheArt.com/64 

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Thanks for listening and remember, you won’t get the art without the work and you won’t do the work without the spark. 

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