90 - Working between art and technology with Chelsea Klukas

Hello and welcome to the 90th episode of The Spark & The Art creativity podcast. Thank you for subscribing to our weekly podcast, where we alternate between interviews with creative folks from all different career levels and insight and inspiration episodes. All with the intention you’ll get the inspiration you need to get your creative projects started and, more importantly, finished.

I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with Chelsea Klukas. Chelsea is a User Experience Designer at Amazon and leads a team of designers working on the comments and other user engagement tools of the site.

In today’s chat we talk about the importance of collaboration as a tool to not only get a great project done but also as a tool for improving yourself. 

Chelsea has balanced technology and art since the very beginning and we talk about her journey from art college to her role as a co-founder in the fashion and technology group Make Fashion. This group allows fashion designers and technologists to collaborate on the creation of wearable fashion technology. That was by no means a good description of what they do at all. I’d recommend going to MakeFashion.ca and check out what they are all about while you listen. 

Even if you just have a passing interest in collaboration, fashion, culture or art I’m sure you’ll enjoy today’s talk with Chelsea Klukas. 

Do you know someone who has been trying to decide between focusing on one interest or another? I’d love it if you could share this episode with them so they can see that maybe there is a way to combine the things they love into one path. The easiest way to share is to send the short url TheSparkAndTheArt.com/90. The most difficult way is to memorize the entire podcast and repeat it to your friend over the phone.

If you’d like to ask Chelsea a question you can get her on twitter @chelscore and if you like to give me kudos or constructive criticism you can get me on twitter @SparkArtPodcast. 

Thanks for listening and remember: you won’t get the art without the work and you won’t do the work without the spark. 


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