2 - Spencer Goldade - Web Designer and Illustrator

"The best way to get anything out of life is to enjoy it." — Spencer Goldade

"The best way to get anything out of life is to enjoy it." — Spencer Goldade

As a user experience designer I do interviews and facilitate usability tests as part of my work. They normally have a pretty specific goal attached to them though. Where does the user find the most issues when using a certain part of an interface? What are the issues in their daily work can we help alleviate? That sort of thing. 

I guess there are parallels to that and these podcasts. Where do my guests find the most issues when doing their creative work? What are the issues in their daily work they could use some help to alleviate a little stress or pressure? The difference here is that I’m not looking to solve a problem after. I’m not going to take these interviews and break them down into actionable items I can use to enhance a product or service. I’m just interested in what these people have to say. It’s kinda weird not having to go through and analyze them and do a findings report. (Also, really nice too, I get to just have a good time and absorb their stories :)

Spencer is my first interview for these podcasts. I think it went better than I thought it was going to and I learned somethings to do in future interviews. I also learned some things to not do. 

Spencer is a great visual and web designer where I work my day job and I’ve seen him get better and better. Mostly of his own doing. He felt a little stuck in what he was doing and went to our team leaders and asked for more responsibility and got it. He saw things that could be done to help the team and just did them. I’m sure he doesn’t feel like a go-getter kinda guy but I think that’s what makes his forward movement so meaningful, it’s just out of pure desire to not be bored or stagnant in his skills. 

We talk about money. How his views on taking any work that comes along changed since leaving design school. We also talk a bit about the difference between art and design.