7 – Feeling Like A Show-Off

Feeling Like A Show Off

Feeling Like A Show Off

Hi and welcome to episode 7 of The Spark & The Art podcast. I’m your host Tucker.

This is it. This is the final episode in Series one - People I work with. But don’t worry, there will be another episode next week as we start series 2 - My Family - First up is my Dad. He started both music and photography in his late 50s and is now successfully selling prints of his photos and performing live playing bass. 

I’ve really enjoyed doing these and I think you have been enjoying it because I’ve had some nice comments about the podcast. 

Here is a selection.   

MonkeysLunch.com said:

“This exciting new podcast is sure to help kick a few budding creatives into gear or rekindle a few burnt out ones”. 

A listener named Angela wrote a comment on the show page for last week’s episode with John Johnston:

"Excellent podcast, Tucker. You've given me some courage to start working on publishing more, and not thinking I have to be Pixar.

The longest comment award goes to Carolyn for her comment on the show page for episode 3 Why Im building a body of work rather than a business.” In response to my question at the end of the episode, where I ask people to think about why they do their art, she replies:

"Having just celebrated my 65th birthday and looking back at over 40 years of songwriting I believe that my motivation for continuing has been a combination of the reasons you listed. I loven to entertain and see the reactions on peoples face’s to my songs. I love it when someone chooses to buy a CD from me but that is not my sole objective. The pleasure of the creative process and sharing of my ideas and insights into our world give me an intangible satisfaction that has nothing to do with financial success. If financial success comes along - I will accept that with gratitude!!! However, I believe that I will be fully engaged in the creative process until my last days. I have also come to believe that my ability to create songs is a gift. I have a responsibility to honour that gift by continuing to work at getting better and to always take every opportunity that presents itself - regardless of how frightening they may seem. These sometimes terrifying projects ALWAYS bring me to a higher level and feed my sense of confidence and my drive to continue. Every day offers a new opportunity to grow and learn.

Looking back I can’t remember exactly why I wanted to do a podcast but after reading these comments I feel like I know why I should continue. Obviously it’s nice to know people are listening but it’s even more gratifying to know that what I’m saying may allow someone, who is feeling stuck in their creative pursuits, to get a little inspired to either start something or finish something. 

I’m glad people are enjoying the podcast because for a long time when I would do anything I was good at and enjoyed I felt like people would think I was showing off. I don’t have a memory of anyone telling me this directly that would put that idea in my head but I’m not sure why I would think that. Something had to have happened at some point to make me feel that way. I still feel that way every once and a while but it’s much a more rare occurrence now. I think it happens less frequently now because I’m more comfortable with my own talents. And I think that confidence comes from collaborating with people who also appreciate my talents but don’t simply ’That’s Awesome.” they give me constructive feedback and encourage me to do things better when I suck. And when I do something well they say thank-you. I wonder, if I should ever remember the first moment I felt that ‘You’re Showing Off' feeling if it will help liberate me and allow me to move forward or if it would simply be another memory and I’d still have to fight the feeling forever. 

Here’s where you get to do some thinking. Have you ever felt conceited or self-centred when people appreciate something you do? Have you ever felt like a show-off and found it harder to your thing again? Have you been able to get passed it? If so how? Lastly, are you surrounding yourself with people who make you feel that way or are you seeking out those who will support and encourage you? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts, like the other listeners shared, you can leave a comment on the show page at TheSparkAndTheArt.com or leave me a voicemail at my toll-fee number 1-877-966-4886. If I enjoy your question or animal impression I may play your message in a future episode of the podcast. 

Thanks for listening and remember you won’t get the art without the work and you won’t do the work without the spark.