8 – Nature Photographer and Bass Player – Joe Harley

"  You can’t just wait until the day you retire and hope you find a hobby." - Joe Harley

"You can’t just wait until the day you retire and hope you find a hobby." - Joe Harley

Hi and welcome to the 8th episode of The Spark & The Art podcast. I’m your host Tucker. 

This week’s interview is with Joe Harley (my dad). He has been a cheering section and great supporter of everything I’ve done over the years. But shortly after he turned 50 he dove into a few creative pursuits of his own and now, less than 15 years later, plays bass on stage as part of my mom’s band and has become a very accomplished nature photographer recently selling framed prints of his work. 

This was the second time we recorded this episode as I had some problems with the recording equipment and I wound up with an mp3 containing 45 minutes of high quality silence. I’ll talk about that more in next week’s episode about check-lists. 

We got most of the main points from the first conversation and added few new bits as well. One of the stories we didn’t get to again was when he described his performance of McArthur Park in his university band The Dangling Coversation Piece. He told the story of his standing on stage as a 20 year old singing the song at the winter festival as the spotlight closed in on him putting the rest of the stage in darkness and he sang the final notes of the song to an appreciative audience. Then he said “And that was the last time I performed on stage until after I was fifty.”

I hope you’ll enjoy today’s episode as we talk about why he started music and photography and what other things he plans to do in the future.