15 – Everyone is creative

Everyone Is Creative.

Everyone Is Creative.

Everyone is creative. That is isn’t a belief I have. That isn’t something I have faith in. That is something I hold as fact with in me. Everyone is creative. 

Hi and welcome to 15th episode of The Spark & The Art podcast. I’m your host Tucker. 

Everyone is creative. That is isn’t a belief I have. That isn’t something I have faith in. That is something I hold as fact with in me. Everyone is creative. 

Everyone has invented stories in their head about what will happen if they say a certain thing to someone. That’s story writing. 

Do you see faces in clouds or the stipple on your ceiling? Those don’t exist, you are creating them. 

The reason it’s not considered creative is because the story wasn’t written down. The faces weren’t painted. But that is just a technical skill. Those skills can be practiced. 

Ask any writer or artist what their work was like when the first started and they’ll all say the same thing. “It was terrible” or “I sucked”. But they loved their craft so much, it gave them so much joy, they stuck with it. The more they drew, the more they wrote, the better they got.

But interestingly if you ask them about the last thing they did you’ll most likely hear “it didn’t quite turn out how I wanted.” or “I would have done this thing a little differently.” Because to a certain extent they still think they suck. 

What’s the difference then between someone who is considered a creative person and everyone else? Nothing. One just did their stuff more. They didn’t get discouraged by their lack of talent they got excited about their growing talent. 

These examples, drawing and writing, are both artistic based. Creativity doesn’t have to be an artistic endeavour. Cook’s mix new foods together all the time. Software engineers create code that makes websites and computers work. There are innovations every year in plumbing. The paperboy figures out a quicker route. The retail clerk finds new ways to merchandise the shelves to sell more of their product.

In last week’s interview Solvieg Whittle said: “Everyone can make music. Everyone can make art. It’s just a question of nurturing it.”

I know this to be true. Of course for some reason some people get better at things than other regardless of the amount of nurturing. We may never know why. 

But the fact remains if you can draw a stick figure and write down that made up story in your head about how mad your neighbour is that you wore a blue shirt today, you are creating something. And, the more you create better you get so maybe one day the stick figure will have hair. 

Everyone is creative. 


This is where you get to do some thinking. Have you ever said “I’m not that creative.” or “That person is more creative than me.”? What make you think that? What could you do to nurture in yourself the kind of creativity you see in others? 

Do you know someone who could use a little reassurance that they are, in fact, a creative person? Share this episode with them because I hope it would change their mind even just a little bit. The share url is TheSparkAndTheArt.com/15

Thanks for listening and remember you won’t get the art without the work and you won’t do the work without the spark.