130 - The expectation of our talents.

I don’t think we can know where our best talents lie. I’m only just starting to get my head around this so bear with me things may change over time. 

This whole theory relates to how we perceive our talents and how others perceive them. What got me to thinking about it is my 8yo daughter was mentioning that she wasn’t good at math. She says it makes her head hurt sometimes to think about it. But when we talked to her teacher she said it was one of my daughter's strong subjects.

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124 - Responding to culture. Responding to life.

Any art has the illusion of driving culture but really it is just crystallizing what is happening. It translates culture from ephemeral to solid. From feelings to words. From the observable to the understandable. The elusive to the tangible.

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123 - Artist by default with Dulcie Foo Fat

Dulcie Foo Fat is a painter and in our conversation we talk about how she became an artist by default even though she was aiming to get into education. We talk about how crumbs of encouragement are all it takes to find a path. We talk about the importance having a supportive husband played in her success and at the end we talk about her daughters who I will most likely be also inviting on the podcast.

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