49 – Do what you can with what you have

Do what you can with what you have

Do what you can with what you have

So, you want to be an animator. What do you need to do that. If you look at the behind the scenes of animated movies you’ll see that you need a very powerful computer with equally powerful but expensive and complicated software. Do you have that? Do you have a pen and some sticky notes? That’s all you need. 

If you look at photography magazines you’ll see that you’ll need a finacially unreasonable camera with at a few equally expensive lenses one of which should be about the size of you’re arm. Do you have that? Do you have a digital camera and things you like to take pictures of? That’s all you need. 

Painters just need paint, brushes and something to paint on. Writers just need paper and a pen. Glass blowers just nee … okay, maybe glass blowers need some pretty crazy equipment but I think you get my point.

If you want to do something, you can’t immediately look at what the professionals have and think that’s what is going do what you need. Those are just tools. They are tools that allow that artist to get across their message the best way for them. Eric Clapton could hand me his guitar and what I play will sound completely different than what he was playing a minute earlier. Exactly the same tools and setup and yet it’s the artists that creates the art. 

Don’t think you need this tool or that tool in order to get started the tool will only work as well as your talent guides it. And your talent is nothing without the message or idea you want to get across. If you want to make an album of your songs you can record them all in Garageband on any Mac and upload it to Soundcloud. That’s all you need and both of them are free. (Well the Mac isn’t free but you could probably borrow one.) What you really need is the talent to create and the story to tell. Justin Bieber was just a kid singing on youtube before he got offered The Standard Rich And Famous contract. There were no multimillion dollar producers and songwriters. No full video crews to light shoot and edit the video. Just a kid with a camera doing his thing. 

It’s more important that you do your thing than what you use. Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid.com (and author of the fantastic book Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys To Creativity) got his first breaks when he started drawing comics on the backs of business cards. A pen. A business card. That’s all he needed. Oh, and his talent and voice of course. If I started drawing comics on the backs of business cards people wouldn’t pay much attention because I have neither the talent or vision to make that medium work. 

This is getting a bit ranty here I’m sorry. I’ll sum up: Find what you want to do. Do it with what you have available. Just start now, don’t put it off until you have that perfect tool. Just start. Want play guitar buy the guitar you can afford. Fifty bucks, a couple hundred bucks whatever. You’ll know when you need to start spending a couple thousand. Just do what you can with what you have. 

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