33 – How to keep a project going.

It’s been a few days or a couple weeks and you are moving along on your project like you haven’t done in a while. It feels great. You’re happy and you reach your flow state and time flies by in a blur you pack up for the night and sleep like a baby. Then the next evening with your talent in hand and your face lit up with smiles you head down to do it again. 

Now for some reason … you got nothing. What do you do?

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32 – Break it down to get it done. Making video games with Karyl Gilbertson.

TheSparkAndTheArt.com/32 – Karyl Gilbertson is a web designer and dad who is creating a video game in his spare time. We talk about his little trick for getting to work on his project even when he doesn’t feel like it and how breaking his project into smaller chunks allowed him to get started without feeling overwhelmed. 

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