I was talking with Jay Baydala recently and it came up that I write songs. When he asked if I had something he could hear I said “I'll send you a link to my failed blog.” A few days later he said he told me he enjoyed my site and asked why I had described it as a ‘Failed Blog’. I really didn't have an answer.

The only reason it failed was because I stopped updating it when I was learning about copyright on the internet and part of it was I found it hard to record a song every week (new babies take up way more time than you think they will). But as they say Failure Breeds Success and I've since made a few descisions, read a lot of books, written more songs, learned more about the music industry and re-connected with someone who'll be acting as a producer for me. I've got some performances lined up I can record and share. I also have some guitar & voice demos I can put up as well.

So, just shy of 50 weeks after my last update I'm back at it and looking forward to sharing everything I've learned so far and everything I'm going to learn as I move forward.