Tucker, you can only do the things you can do.

A couple weeks ago I told you about me deciding I was the only one who could kill my projects by saying no. One of those projects was a remix version of my lullaby, 'The Blanket Show', a DJ friend of mine was doing. I was handing off the files when the person with me made a comment about how I was getting everyone to do my work for me. 

I can't remix a song because I'm not a DJ. I can't illustrate my kids stories because I don't have the drawing skills. I can't play accordian on 'The Blanket Show' and I don't have the engineering skills to record my songs to a professional level. 

The reason I work with other people is because I can only do the things I can do. So, I seek out the people who can do the things I can't. I collaborate with them and turn my ideas into something more than I could ever do alone. I'm not saying that what I can do now is what I will always do. I may start to practice drawing more and illustrate a story myself. I may lock myself away and learn accordian but I still won't be able to do everything. 

The old saying is "It takes a village to raise a child." Well as far as I'm concerned it takes a village to complete a project. It takes a village to spread an idea. 

It takes a village because everyone can only do the things they can do.