Tucker, if you only knew what you sounded like...

Last week I put together a single page site that streamed my five song EP. I had a four question survey and asked people they thought of the songs. Thanks to everyone who took part I wound up with close to 20 respondents.

The first question I asked was "Are there any recording artists you were reminded of while listening to the songs?". I got a vary wide range of singers and songwriters like: Chris Isaak, Eric Hutchinson, Blue October, Roch Voisine, James Hetfield and Roy Orbison. I'm not sad to be in that mix at all.

Then I asked what overall impressions people thought of the songs. A very strong theme was that they had a bit of a country crossover vibe to them. COUNTRY?! I've written two songs I thought were country songs, neither of them are on this EP. 

I thought back, to when I was first recording the songs, to how the producer, Aaron Young, had turned what I thought was a simmering jazz number into a pop-rock song. I feel like someone who hears their voice back on a recording for the first time: "Is that really what I sound like?" 

I also got lot's of feedback saying to not try and sound like anyone else and I should find my own 'sound'. The point of asking the question about who I reminded people of wasn't to find out who I should try and model myself after. The point was to give people some names they might recognize when they ask what kind of music I play.

In short, I wrote a jazz song that turned into a pop-rock song that people thought sounded kind of country.

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