Tucker, is that a new website?

Nope, it's just the old one some some new paint and curtains. 

Although I have added the feature that allows you to download the title track to my upcoming 'Born To The World' EP. Just leave your name and email on the right and you'll get the MP3 version of my song to tide you over until the CDs are pressed. 

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on twitter. I've also updated the About Me section a bit and in the Store1 I've added a link to where you can buy my book. 

You'll also notice my shining face on the banner, that was a photo taken by the same photographer who did the shot on the cover of my CD. You can see his stuff at ChrisRatzlaff.com

For the longest time I didn't have a picture of me on my site and always used cartoons as social media avatars. It took me a while to be myself on the internet. I thought I could/should be anonymous but I've come to realize that who I am when I'm walking around is the same person I am when I'm surfing around. The internet is no longer this other place where websites are and where chatrooms live. It's such a part of daily life it's just like a phone line or the postal service, it only facilitates communication. I'm always me on the phone I should be me on the internet. 

To get a little more philisophical in my ramblings: Just like it's no longer 'Cyberspace' or 'The Information Superhighway', soon there will be a day when it's no longer 'online' or 'on the internet' because it'll just be as prevelant as telephones and light switches. 

Wow, that was a bit different than what I set out to write.

In short:

  • I've updated my website with a picture of myself
  • One day the internet won't have a name


1 It's not really a store it's more like a table at a church bazaar or a garage sale or something.