Tucker, tell me about your jar project.

I've been thinking of a project for my song Girl All Alone. The song is about a girl who keeps all her dreams in a jar so they're safe from the world buuuuut ... things don't go so well for her. My project idea is to have a group of artists create what they think a dream jar is. You can read more about the project here

Part of my hopes for my songs is that they allow other people to tell their own story. Something in the song clicks with the listener and they feel like they can share their story as well. I hope that this song, and the jar project, might inspire people to start acting on their dreams. A jar is a terrible place for a dream.

I had the idea about a year ago and asked an artist friend of mine, Spencer over at Monkeyslunch, if he'd be interested. He was and has been waiting patiently1 for me to get my shit together and start the project. Since I recorded the song for my EP I thought this was a perfect time and got to preparing.

One thing I've learned over time is that people like to help. They like to take part. They like to support people and projects they like. All you have to do is ask. Sometimes people are too busy and can't take part and sometimes the project just isn't something they're interested in. You will never know, either way, if you don't ask. So, the first step to me getting this project underway is asking people if they'd be interested in joining me.

Learn more about the jar project here and if you are interested in joining me I'd love to have you along. Or if you know of someone who might be interested feel free to forward this article on to them.

1 By patiently I mean asking me, every few weeks or so, if the project was ready because he'd already bought the damn jars