Tucker, done is when you say you're done.

My brother Tim plays bass in a band called Barrage. While he was back from tour I asked if he would play on the Zany Zoo song that inspired the book. He seemed excited to play on the song and when I suggested a different project he asked "But if we do the Zany Zoo isn't your project 'done'?"

It was an interesting question and made me ask 'What is done?" I've completed the book I could be done. I could move on to something else. It could be something else to do with the Zany Zoo Book

I wrote the song. I'm done.
I did a book. I'm done. 
I record the song. I'm done. 

Simply: Done is when you say you're done.

According to the Cult Of Done Manifesto even failure equals done and the point of being done is not to be finished ... it's to be able to start something else.

This approach is helping me to keep motivated during my one hour an evening work time because everything I complete in that hour is now 'done'. This means I can move on to the next thing. It helps because previously I would be looking at everything as one enormous project thinking "This is hours and hours of work! This will never get done!" Then play Angry Birds and go to bed. But now I write a blog post and I'm just ... done. 

What can you do now that would let you say "I'm done."?