Tucker, the story is as important as the song.

Gazebo stage in George Lane Park, High River

Yesterday I played a show in the park. It was a day of blue sky and white fluffy clouds. The grass was warm from the sun and the shade was nice and cool from the large trees that surround the area. The stage was a white gazebo with red trim that would fit perfectly in a movie about a summer concert in a small town. 

I sang some songs I've been singing for years but I also sang Going To The Zany Zoo. I explained to the audience that I had turned the song into a book and if they were interested they could come find me after the show. Someone did. She bought my book and said "I loved that song." What she really meant was "This is a very pretty park. It's a beautiful summer day. My friends are here with me and oh ... your song was pretty good too."  

Amy Winehouse's story was that of a someone struggeling with addiction and when she died on July 23rd 2011, it created a boost in her album sales. People wanted to become part of that story "I didn't know Amy's music until she passed. How tragic." 

Rebecca Black's story was that of a girl who had a terrible song called Friday. Though her second single, My Moment, garnered 16 million views on Youtube.com in the first week it was released. Now her story is that of a girl who is going to chase her dreams no matter what people say. 

Lady Gaga's story is "Look how crazy she is!". The Black Eyed Peas story is "They sure know how to have fun!" Ozzy Osbourne's story is "How is that guy still alive?"

When the lady who bought my book shares it with people she will say "He was a local fellow who sang on a beautiful summer day and he signed his book for me. Oh ... and his song was pretty good too."

What is your talent? What is your story? Find the balance between telling and doing because the story is as important as the song.