Tucker, if you want to do something ... you have to do something.

Last week I told you about my new book Going To The Zany Zoo. The book is finished and a proof copy is coming from the printer early in the week and if all goes well (which I'm anticipating) the book should be available for sale before next weekend. Then one of my projects will be done. Finally. 

I've been waiting for one of my projects to be completed for a long time. The problem is, the longer I waited the longer nothing happened. A person can't just sit around and wait for something to happen because all that happens is they get really good at waiting. I'm a spectacular idea person, if you need an idea for anything give me a call and I'll give you ten in a minute. I can't begin to tell you how to follow through on any of it though because I've spent my life thinking about ideas instead of acting on ideas. 

I've been listening to a few successful people talk about success lately. I've read The War Of Art, Seth Godin's Blog, Anything You Want and many other people who've had some success doing something they love. The one loud and overwhelming message that I pulled out of all of them is this:

If you want to do something ... you have to do something.

Taking that to heart I spent last month completing my kid's book. One hour at a time before bed and now I'm done. Can this approach be maintained? I'll let you know because the only way to find out is for me to do it.