Tucker, success is what you say it is.

I've read countless books where they talk about success and they pretty much all say the same thing "Success looks different for everyone. For some: Money. For others: Fame. etc..."

I have, over the years, successfully written a couple hundred songs. I have successfully written a book. I have successfully written a blog post a week for the last eight weeks. I am successful at those things because I am considering 'Done' my measure of success.

One of those eight successful posts was 'Done is when you say you're done', in it I talk about how I suggested two projects to my brother Tim. One of those projects was the five songs I had recorded last year. I had worked with Aaron Young on the songs and had him do some great guitar tracks and I got some strong lead vocals down. I was excited and shared them with a few people but never really did anything with the recordings.

I realized the reason I hadn't done anything with them was because I didn't consider them 'Done'. I just kept thinking how great they would sound with harmonies and drums and bass and all the other things that would complete the songs. Last week's post is about my adventure getting to the recording session where we were recording the drums and the bass guitar. You can be sure I'll share them this time because they'll be 'Done'.

Because Success is what I say it is, I'm excited to figure out what my next measure of success will be once 'Done' is just a task to be checked off and not a goal to be accomplished.

What are your measures of success?