Tucker, if you want help ... just ask.

Previously on Songs Tucker Wrote I told you about my Jars Project. It's official, it's started. I asked a group of artists if they'd like to take part and they said yes. All I had to do was ask.

I could have talked myself hoarse, with as much passion as the project creates in me. I could have waived my arms and sang the song. I could have filled them with excitement about the project and waited for them to offer their talents. I probably would have been waiting a while.

People are made to be chosen all the time - Wait to be chosen in line at the bank. Wait to be chosen for a record label. Wait to be chosen to for the Red Rover game. It's the greatest playground fear to be chosen last. But who likes to put their hand up? We love to be acknowledged with being chosen but hate to look show-offy by volunteering.

I waited quite a while to be chosen. To have someone say my music was good enough to be put in an album. To say my story ideas were good enough to be made into kids books. Once I decided to complete those projects I guaranteed I would never be chosen last. I put myself in the position of the chooser and as such I have to ask who wants to be on my team. I can't simply wait for people to volunteer, they are probably on the other side of the playground waiting to be asked. Or they are hoping I don't ask 'cause then they'd have to say 'no'.

I'd rather they said no to me when I asked than have them not volunteer when they did want to take part. That being said if you'd like to join us contact me, we'll be glad to have more friends in the project. 

Is there a project you need help with? Choose yourself first then ask someone to help, if you're passionate enough, they'll probably say yes.