Tucker, PayPal buttons? Really?

I have a store where I sell my CD and my book. I have spynoh.bigcartel.com as a shopping cart and it has a Facebook app that allows people to shop in my fan page. Then on my site, my home base, the place where I can embrace my visitors and give them the full Tucker1 I had a link away to those other places. I sent people away from my blog. My music. My newsletter sign up. I sent them away. In my quest to give my potential customers a nice shopping cart experience I, instead, gave them the run around.

 I thought of my goal for the store

  • sell my book and CD

I thought of my visitors goal for the store

  • buy my book and CD

Noticing how neither of them include the phrase "really nice shopping cart experience" I went for the simple approach. I went to PayPal.com and mad some 'buy now' buttons. It wasn't to difficult to put them together because I only have two items at the moment (three if you include a bundle of the book and the CD).

Once I start putting out more products to buy I may need to look at a bigger shopping cart system. But at the moment what I have is just fine. It matches the design of the site, it's easy for a fan to use (a one click purchase path) and it runs on PayPal so it's basically free me. 

I thought I needed to be fancy but I made it complicated. These buttons are good enough and sometimes good enough is good enough.


Leave me a comment if you liked, or disagreed with, anything I talked about in today's article. 


1 I didn't mean for that to sound dirty. Sorry.