Tucker, are you a carny or a hipster?

I have a blog. You're reading it right now. Thank you, I appreciate it. I used to describe Songs Tucker Wrote as 'My failed blog' because I did a few posts, shared a few songs and felt like I was talking to nobody. I probably was talking to nobody because I was expecting people to find me. What I've learned is that the way things work is you have to go find the people and bring them to your blog. You have to be the barker in front of the tent promising the world for a nickle. Music as I grew up with was created and marketed with the sole purpose of getting me to go to a music store and buy a CD. Music was sold like cereal. Nice enticing box with a promise of a prize inside. 

Music now is more like when you go to the Farmer's Market and the long-haired fellow behind the folding table tells you exactly where he got the oats and raw almonds for his granola cereal. Then he shows you a picture of his dog running through the wildflowers that his bees pollinated to make the honey that sweetens the clumps of granola he hand scoops into biodegradable bags for you.

I haven't decided if I'm the granola slinging hipster or the carnival barker but what I do know is that I can't rely on people to buy my music, I have to sell it to them. And before I can sell them my music I have to sell them myself. I have to let people know who I am so my song means something when they hear it. Then they can put their own story on top and carry it with them as their own. Once it belogs to them they'll share it with their friends. Then maybe those people will simply buy my music. Nah, I'll probably have to show them the picture of my dog in the wild flowers too1


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1 I guess tha make me the hipster. Oh well, I've been thinking of growing a beard anyway.