Tucker, the secret to success is doing something. Then doing it again.

The secret to getting good at something.

I can't help but think that if Ariel Hyatt had written her book Music Success In 9 Weeks about 10 years ago this last chapter, The Real World, would have been the whole book. It's packed with a serious amount of traditional PR and Marketing goodness. Press kits, press releases, networking, list building, how to listen, how to find representation ... it's a lot. 

This is the last chapter of the book and the last entry into the Songwriters Association Of Canada's blog challenge (you can find links to all of the posts at the end). And now that I've come to the end, what have I learned about selling myself as an artist?

  • I learned it's not easy.
  • I learned it's a marathon. 
  • I learned it's about more than great songs. 
  • I learned it's about seeing what you want and believing you can get there. 
  • I learned a lot more as well but these are the big ones.

So, I'm done the book. Now What? Now I keep doing what I've learned and in a month or so go back to the first chapter and start again. Then when I'm done ... I do it again. The only way to get good at something is to do it ... then do it some more.

There is way too much stuff in this book to possibly complete it all in nine weeks. This book is a foundation for a career. 


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