Tucker, once you've learned it you have to do it.

I spent the last nine weeks learning about how to leverage a social media presence in PR and Marketing. The previous year was filled with books by Seth Godin and Chris Anderson and Derek Sivers and many others.

I've learned about how to build an audience, keep an audience, engage an audience. I've learned about multiple possible income streams for songwriters and artists. I've put together a framework of how my different social profiles and website work together. I've, quite successfully, experimented with Facebook ads. I have a lengthy list of ideas of how to share my music. I have people willing to help me and a small amount of success behind me that motivates me to keep going. I, once again, see ideas I've had in the past being done by others.

I feel a bit like I've graduated and I've put all the time and effort into lab work and theory that I can. It's time to put it all into action. Because, while it's vitally important to keep learning in life but it is equally important to get shit done.

Here's to getting it done. Wish me luck, I could use the encouragement.