Tucker, I told you there was nothing to be afraid of.

Last week I told you about how I had finished my newsletter but was scared to send it out because Fear Is Scary. Writing the post about being scared gave me the little push I needed to send it out. So with a trembling finger poised over the 'deliver' button I let go and sent it. You can read it if you'd like and if you enjoy it you can subscribe on the right.  

You know what happened? No one called me a loser. No one laughed at me. In fact much to my surprise two people responded and both used the word 'inspiring'. Me. Inspiring. How good does that make you feel? Pretty darn good. 

But you know what was most interesting? They weren't so much inspired by the content. They were inspired by the fact that I had done something. The fact that I finished something made them want to make something of their own. 

So, let me know in the comments: What are you scared to do?

Because, if you do that scary something ... someone may just thank you for it.