Sometimes it's not what you get in the end. It's what you do to get there.

"Daddy. Can we play cutting and glueing?"My daughter loves cutting and glueing. Sometimes she makes things. A snowman, her mom or a princess. But sometimes she just cuts and glues. She'll spend half an hour just cutting chunks of foam and paper into different shapes "Look! I made a triangle!" Then she dunks the shapes into a dish of glue and sticks it to some paper. That's all she'll do and when she's done she has something.

What she winds up with isn't always a picture of anything and it'll most likely get tossed in a week or so. But what she got in that half an hour will be with her for ever. Every time she uses scissors she holds them better and cuts straighter. Every time she tries to glue something uses a more appropriate amount. Every time we play cutting and glueing she gets better at it. 

As I've mentioned in a previous article, the secret to getting good at something is to do it then do it again. The secret to doing things again and again is to find something you love to do. 

The big lesson I learned from my daughter is that, as you do your thing again and again, sometimes you don't even have to wind up with anything you'd ever want to show people. You may even wind up with something you want to throw away immediately. But what you have to realize is that is absolutely okay. In fact it's better than okay it should be expected, especially whe you are first staring out.

Sometimes, it's not what you get in the end. It's what you did to get there that is important.