Sometimes good enough is good enough

Often I would keep projects on the back burner because I was waiting to get more skilled. Or I would keep projects in a state of incompletedness because I thought if I worked on it 'just a bit more' I would make something perfect. 

I could have started and the fact that I did it would have improved my skill. I could have moved on to a new and better project if I had just called 'done'1 on something knowing it wasn't going to be perfect. 

Sometimes good enough is good enough. 

Does that mean I give a good effort and put it out there? No of course not. You give it your all and make it the best it can be with the talent and resources you have at the time. 

You don't kill your movie script because you can't contact Speilberg. You find your friends and rent some lights and make the best movie you can with the talent and resourses you have at the time. 

You don't abandon your novel because Random House hasn't answered your letters enquiring about submission requirements. You just write the damn thing and put it out as a Kindle book. 

You don't keep your stuff from people because it 'needs more polish' you just show everyone who'll look and take all the feedback you can get. 

You don't drop your dream because you're not good enough. You get good enough by just keeping at it. 

You don't not ship because it's not perfect. Because ... sometimes good enough is good enough. 

 What do you think? Do you agree or am I full of it? Let me know at

1 Calling 'done' on something means either shipping it or scrapping it. It doesn't mean keeping it in a drawer to revisit every few weeks for a couple years. Ship it or Scrap it.