The passion for your poison

Everything in the world has it's nerds even songwriting. If you don't belive me keep reading because I'm about to talk songwriting theory. Some of which is very accurate and some that will spark debate with other songwriter nerds. 

Further down you hear a song I wrote a song with a Stable Verse created by stacking two unstable sections. The unstable sections have a rhyme scheme of AAB AAB. Here is an example of what I mean.

A - Mellow
A - Fellow
B - Hi

A - Jell-o
A - Cello
B - Bye 

The balance comes from the rhyme of Hi and Bye. 

The Chorus is unstable because the rhyme scheme is AAXX. It just kind of ends with a cliff hanger because there is no resolution in the rhyme. In the below example we just end with a horse and a cat. Your brain seeks stability and resolution so will want you to continue to a nice resolution somewhere else in the song. 

A - Hello
A - Fellow
X - Horse
X - Cat 

Warning: Deep Nerdistry ahead

In this song I used both Perfect and Family rhyme along with similar line lengths to create a sense of stability in the verse. While the chorus on the otherhand is all different line lengths using assonance and consonance rhyme to create it's instability. 


Where did my mind go? 
Where did my time go?
I think you took them with you.
Why did my life go? 
Why did my wife go?
I think I'll blame that on you.


The passion for your poison lives deep within me
It's nothing that I want
But everything that I need
I wish you were something I could quit
But I can't.

And so concludes me nerding out over songwriting. If you disagree with anything I wrote feel free to do it in the comments.