Tucker, who is Deanne Matley?

Deanne Matley is a Calgary Jazz singer who will be recording her debut album in a couple weeks. She has decided that a song I have written titled 'Almost In Love' will be on her album. 

Deanne interprets other peoples work. She does jazz standards and the odd pop cover (like Oasis' 'Wonderwall'). She has a catalog of jazz and pop thousands of titles deep and a hundred years old. Yet, words I strung together and a melody I found in the air and wrote down are what she chose to put on her album.

I've always wanted other people to take my songs and make them something new. I play guitar and sing but I don't consider myself a musician or a vocalist. I've always felt like the playwright who had to be his own actor. 

This past Thursday Deanne asked me to come and watch her sing my song to see if I approved of what she had, in her words, "done to it". Well, what she and her accompanist had "done to it" was make it their own and I loved every second of it.

She showed me her lyric sheet afterward and one of her notes was "scared". It's the emotion she imagined the person in the song feeling. The emotion she wanted to portray in her vocal performance. It was a nuance that came through while I watched and I'm sure you'll feel it too when the CD is released.

You can be sure I'll let you know when it's out. My song is on it after all. 

Tucker, why are you singing so high?

I sing pretty high sometimes but it is usually limited to falsetto versions of I'm Every Woman while driving.

I wrote a song called Almost In Love, it's a slow kinda song about someone who is just about to fall madly for someone but feel a little hesitant because they've been hurt in the past. I wrote it in the car a capella and sang it free of instruments for a few weeks. When it came time to figure out some chords I must have been singing it a bit higher than I normally do 'cause now I went to the studio and found it hard to sing my own song. It's not overly high just a bit close to the top of my range. Aaron seems pretty confident I can do it and says it sounds fine so... practice, practice, practice until my next studio session so I can nail it. 

I figure if I do something that kinda scares me then there is less around that I need to be afraid of. Wish me luck that my fear doesn't overwhelm me and leave me in a weeping heap shrieking "I'm every woman, It's all in meeeeeeeeee." 

Here is some of my work tape recording from when I was writing the song: