Born To The World

I once had a girlfriend who was talking to a friend while at work. This friend was telling stories of all of his travels around Europe and all the fun he had in pubs and bumming around in hostels and such. She phoned me feeling kinda down because she'd never done any traveling and was feeling a little jealous. I can't remember if this song made her feel better. I wonder if she ever got to go to Stonehenge.  

I wrote this song from the perspective of someone who prefers the solidity of their roots and security of their home. Personally, I'm the homestead kinda guy. I've enjoyed the limited traveling I've done but there is something about the feeling of coming in the front door of your own place after a time away that really just puts me at ease.

Funny how sometimes you have to miss something to appreciate it. 

The video is a Big Breakfast performance I did back in 2002 to promote the open stage I hosted.

The Water Song

I was a member of a Calgary songwriters group where we'd each bring what we'd written in the last month and give each other support and feedback. It was fun even if you didn't have songs to bring. At the end of each meeting a topic was suggested by the group and the goal was to write something based on that topic. I didn't write a topic song for quite a while until water was suggested.

The interesting thing about this is when I first wrote the song it was something silly about a guy in a lifeboat. There was a bit about how he'd been in the sun too long and his skin was peeling off as it stuck to the gunnels. That didn't quite work for me so I did my first rewrite.

I was amazed at how I could take a song I wrote and turn it into something new with only a few lyric changes and omissions. The chords and melody didn't change and really, when I just took out the verse with the lifeboat, the bridge just fell into place. The changes took the song from a Black Comedy into a Technicolor shanty about feeling adrift in one's own life. I've never been scared to rework a song since.

The video is a Big Breakfast performance I did back in 2002 to promote the open stage I hosted.