Tucker, what's the status of your EP?

It's taken a while with a few starts and stops but I finally finished it and the CDs are scheduled to be pressed any time now. I bought a short run of CDs so I'll have a small inventory of discs but I also put my songs up for digital distribution so we'll see which sells out first.

The EP is called 'Born To The World', has five songs on it and the cover art is a photograph taken by a friend of mine1. The songs range from being written in the '90s to just months before recording. Most of this entries here at Songs Tucker Wrote are basically a process diary about how it all came together. 

I'm pretty excited because once the discs are in my hand it will be on my list of done. As I've mentioned several times here Done Is When You Say You're Done. Because it'll be considered done I'll be free to finish other projects like ... figuring out how to sell it.

I keep calling it my EP because it's not an album. Someone asked me what EP stands for, "Extended Play" I said. Then I chuckled as it's not really 'extended play' because it's shorter than an album. The term comes from back in the days when singles were king. An EP was usually longer songs or two songs per side of the vinyl record making it too long to be a single (SP) but too short to be a long playing record (LP). Today it just means around 5-7 songs 'cause the band was too broke/cheap to pay for a full album. 

You can also expect a post about how you'll be able to buy my EP so put $10 aside now so you'll have it handy when I come calling. 


1 - His name is Chris Ratzlaff and you can see some of his work at ChrisRatzlaff.com

Tucker, if you only knew what you sounded like...

Last week I put together a single page site that streamed my five song EP. I had a four question survey and asked people they thought of the songs. Thanks to everyone who took part I wound up with close to 20 respondents.

The first question I asked was "Are there any recording artists you were reminded of while listening to the songs?". I got a vary wide range of singers and songwriters like: Chris Isaak, Eric Hutchinson, Blue October, Roch Voisine, James Hetfield and Roy Orbison. I'm not sad to be in that mix at all.

Then I asked what overall impressions people thought of the songs. A very strong theme was that they had a bit of a country crossover vibe to them. COUNTRY?! I've written two songs I thought were country songs, neither of them are on this EP. 

I thought back, to when I was first recording the songs, to how the producer, Aaron Young, had turned what I thought was a simmering jazz number into a pop-rock song. I feel like someone who hears their voice back on a recording for the first time: "Is that really what I sound like?" 

I also got lot's of feedback saying to not try and sound like anyone else and I should find my own 'sound'. The point of asking the question about who I reminded people of wasn't to find out who I should try and model myself after. The point was to give people some names they might recognize when they ask what kind of music I play.

In short, I wrote a jazz song that turned into a pop-rock song that people thought sounded kind of country.

If you'd like to be notifed when my genre bending EP is available for purchase you can sign up here


Tucker, did you ever finish that EP you were recording?

Yes. I did. 

I once wrote an article about how I had finished recording my songs (last year). Following suit in how I finish projects (I don't), I just let them languish in the land of "one day". Recently I got tired of them being another in a long line of unfinished projects so I found the reason to say yes. I created the path to done. Because if you want to do something you have to do something and now the songs are finished. Are they perfect? Nope. There's no horn section and Celine wouldn't answer my emails requesting a duet. But sometimes good enough is good enough and now because done is when I say it's done, I have one more completed project under my belt. 

I do now, of course, have a bunch of other things I need to do in order to complete a different goal but those need their own path to done so I'm happy where I'm at. 

I need some help from my readers. Every single both of you. I need some people to listen to my songs and answer about 5 questions. It will really help me out and you get a sneak peak at this upcoming EP. 

If you are interested please contact me. 

You can get me on twitter @SH_Tucker or through the contact form. Or just email me if you know the address. Or call I suppose, I always have my phone with me. Of course if you have my phone number you could also txt me. Facebook has a messanger as well, if we're hooked up there you could get me. Or knock on my door. You could always send me a letter. Or just talk to me in person if you happen to see me. I think that about covers... Skype I forgot about Skype ... You could hand write a note and share the picture on Instagram (Instagram sounds like the funnest one to me :)