Tucker, find the reason to say yes.

It's the long weeked and we made the four hour drive to meet the family to break in their new RV. We arrived just in time for dinner. Then we roasted some marshmallows, put the kids to bed and spent an hour shooting the breeze before everyone headed off to sleep.

The next morning musicians (including my brother on bass guitar) were going to be doing some tracking for some of my songs. 

I had a choice to make:

A) Stay camping

B) Drive back in the morning to take part in the recording session

There were several reasons to say No. "It's a four hour drive.", "I just got here.", "My wife's gonna be pissed and feel like I'm stranding her."

But then there was the reason to say Yes. "I'll have two more days of camping with the family but this is the only time in my entire life these guys will be doing this recording session for my songs."

The next morning I woke up early. I kissed my wife and kids goodbye. I got in the car and drove for four hours back to the studio. 

The guys were in the groove when I got there and I shot some video of the session (I'll be posting some of it later). It was great to see such pros at work. They were talking a language of professionals. They were collaborating and trying ideas on the fly. It was fantastic. The finished up and after a quick BS session we all said our good-byes and drove off into our lives. 

I hopped in the car drove the four hours back to the camp site. I spent some awesome time at the lake, ate some great food with the family and and didn't regret a single moment. 

Can you find the reason to say Yes to something? I know I'm going to keep trying.