Tucker, you're not a sultry jazz goddess.

One of the other songs we've chosen to record is Why They Call It A Crush. I've always heard it in my head as a smokey jazz number that Diana Krall could sing, so I always tried to play it that way. Of course I'm not really a smokey jazz kinda guy so it never really came out that way.

After listening to me play the song a couple times Aaron asked for the guitar and played through the song. What he played had a very chunky pop feel. Being a power pop junky it made me so happy that he could pull that out of a song that I heard so differently.

As Polonius said to Laertes "To thine own self be true."1 I should just try and play songs that sound like me and try not to make it fit someone else.

1 I didn't really know who said this quote I had to google it.