Tucker, do you really want to hear my story?

We are firmly entrenched in the 9 week challenge and this week was newsletters. I hope you're enjoying reading all my challenge blogs, it's been an interesting diversion for me from my usual blog topics.

Newsletters. Basically I have to presume I am interesting enough that you will give me your email address and in exchange I share some of my music with you (like my song that Eric Dover from the Alice Cooper band, Slash's Snakepit and Jellyfish produced and recorded for me). What I don't want a newsletter to be is a constant droning on about how fantastic I am so I'd like to ask for your help. I've been sharing my story with you for close to a year now and I'd love to hear about you now. 

Please listen to my latest EP and choose a song where the story reminded you of something from your own life. Then email me and share your story. I'd like to share these stories in each newsletter, I won't share who's story it is if you don't want me too. It's my hope that as these stories are shared that others will find find some smiles and perhaps a little inspiration. Because as I learned earlier this year The Story Is As Important As The Song

So I'll continue to share my story with you and you can sign up for my newsletter, on the top right of this page, and I'll share some free downloads and we can all share some stories with each other.